Neil and Ray - Introducing a Life Done

This episode is different to the others. We (Neil Witten and Ray Richards) discuss the Do Something Different methodology, why we started Life Done, how we met, what we've learned and what we're learning from the conversations we're having.
We recorded this episode in Ray's cellar having just recorded the ninth episode. We provide a bit of background which explains who we are, how we met and what we're interested in. Our plan is to have this sort of conversation every 10th episode or so.

We cover the ideas that:
  • successful lives are lived with a foot in each the known and the unknown
  • if you want different results, you have to do something different 
  • the stories of others are what helps us focus
  • beliefs have no value without action
  • the bigger the comfort zone, the better
  • growing one's comfort zone is a necessarily uncomfortable process   
  • the best journeys are a shared experience 

Neil and Ray - Introducing a Life Done
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