Katey Wiseman | Why we all need a support team

Hi all - this conversation with Katey Wiseman was a bit of an impromptu experiment. A friend and I got chatting to Katey in The Walrus pub in Brighton. I'm sure Katey won't mind me saying this but Katey is a normal person, she has to balance work, being a mum and relationships in the same way we all have to balance things. But Katey was waiting to rehearse with La Bordello Boheme, a beginners burlesque show (not normal!) and once Katey had worked out we weren't complete weirdo's she started to share her story of how she'd moved from 12 years in a not very nice relationship with confidence at a low point to taking her clothes off in public. It was clear Katey is no extrovert so I wanted to find out more about the steps she took to rebuild her confidence and this is the conversation that followed a few weeks later.
We met up a few weeks later and Katey told me more. More about: 
  • The wasted years of her life and how she started to doubt people were good
  • Noticing she was angry with herself and everyone around her
  • The point at which she decided not to be angry
  • How she became braver, how she started to change
  • How the simple act of liking an instagram post became the first step of her journey 
  • The importance of her friends who act as her support team
  • The moment when she realised she was strong 
  • Her brother's suggestion to make a list of the things she wanted to do
  • The difference between confidence and self-esteem
  • How getting out of her comfort zone gives her confidence
  • How liberating it can be to take your clothes off in public
  • What happens when you bring what you want and what you need together
Katey Wiseman | Why we all need a support team
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