Liam McGough - From big trees to Big Brother and back again - Part 2

This is Part 2 of our conversation with Liam and starts with Liam auditioning for Big Brother and takes us up to the present day and a bit beyond. For Part 1 see the previous episode.
These show notes are a duplicate of those found in Part 1.

 Our conversation with Liam covered many topics. He talked openly about:
  • Growing up thinking he was the dumb one
  • Failing all his GCSE's 
  • Thinking he has undiagnosed dyslexia
  • Finding confidence in his quick-wittedness and his climbing ability 
  • Deciding to study climbing trees because he was already good at that
  • Feeling part stupid, part genius
  • His talent for doing dickish things, just to see a person's reaction
  • Telling himself "don't be nervous because your brain will cope when the time comes"
  • His preference for enduring the feeling of being afraid than being someone who couldn't do things
  • Telling people he can do things and then works out how to do it
  • Not celebrating early. He waits until the job is done and he's home.
  • Getting  into trouble on the first day of everything and puts it down to being over-excited
  • Being a bit of a show-off and his six months working on the stage at the Blaydon Races Bar in Tenerife
  • His spell working in customer services as a stepping stone to Big Brother
  • His confidence that he would be chosen to appear on Big Brother 6 in 2005
  • His Mum's Multiple Sclerosis as a reason for auditioning for Big Brother
  • Being turned down for Big Brother 6 and not knowing why
  • Why it's important to be the best version of yourself, you can be
  • His last-minute application for Big Brother 8, his invitation to take part and his last-minute rejection
  • What it's like to be chopping trees when you're meant to be live on Big Brother 
  • Two weeks into BB8, finding yourself in Chris Tarrant's dressing room waiting to go in
  • Enjoying Big Brother because he wasn't at work
  • What it's like, after 6 days in the house, to be voted by housemates as the person to receive £100k no strings attached
  • Being motivated by experiences, not money and why the £100k prize didn't cause the controversy it was designed to cause
  • His attitude of a no, only being a no today and feeling that something might happen tomorrow
  • Seeing his brother and Dad as he came out of the Big Brother house 
  • His Dad's ability to bring him back down to earth
  • The first of 600 personal appearances at a Glasgow student union and why red wine and vodka is essential
  • Why it's important to share the experience with friends
  • Why he didn't buy into the fake girlfriend's scene
  • Shutting down the Metro Centre
  • The low point where he feels numb and is pretending to be busy and okay
  • Moving to London and the relative obscurity 
  • Giving stand-up comedy a go and believing he can do anything if he's motivated enough
  • Auditioning for Billy Elliott when he can't dance    

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Liam McGough - From big trees to Big Brother and back again - Part 2
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