Neil and Ray at the Cottage

This episode is one of our wrap up episodes where we (Ray & Neil) discuss what we've learned from our conversations with guests over the last six months or so.
We recorded this episode at Port Moor Cottage, a shack on stilts sitting on an island in Essex. It would be an understatement to say we've learned from our conversations with guests. They have been kind enough to share their stories of change and do so in some depth. In this wrap-up episode we talk about:
  • The importance of a Support Team, positive people that have a genuine interest in you, your wellbeing and your growth
  • The benefits of adopting a child-like curiosity to life
  • The doors that can open when we reassess what we value (trading with different currencies)
  • The way the stories we tell ourselves can either slow down or speed up our growth
  • How redefining something we value e.g. adventure, can open up new doors
  • How difficult, exciting and rewarding stepping into the unknown can be
  • The importance of noticing how you feel
  • The importance of sharing the story you want to be able to tell about yourself

Neil and Ray at the Cottage
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