Rik Turner and Henrietta Jayden - What would you notice, if you slowed down?

This is a conversation with Rik Turner and Henrietta Jadin aka Rik and Hen. Rik and Hen lived in Brighton, which is regularly crowned as the UK's 'happiest place to live'. Rik worked for Propellernet, which for at least 5 years running, has quite rightly been recognised as one of the UK's best places to work and Hen had some purpose in her role as a Mental Health patient adviser. But something was wrong. Hard working weeks were mostly followed by hard-drinking weekends and so it continued. When Rik and Hen got together, things started to change. They packed in their jobs and travelled through Asia where their mutual support allowed them to explore a life that was slower, a life where 'time' not 'money' was the currency of choice. This is the story of their journey and how they ended up living in Arrabida Natural Park, 45 minutes south of Lisbon in Portugal, where they've built SlowCowork, a co-working retreat for entrepreneurs and creatives which focuses on work, life and balance. Rik and Hen provide genuine inspiration. They were unprepared to go with the flow and created time to discover the crucial difference between knowing what to do and actually doing it. I'm pretty sure their philosophy of slowing down is one we can all benefit from and I'm pretty sure they'll add to it over the next few years
We talked to Rik and Hen about the new life they've created and how. They talk to us about:
  • The productivity benefits of slowing down
  • The importance of taking ownership of how we spend our time
  • The importance of understanding when working harder isn't working
  • Financial security in the future v being energised and healthy now
  • The importance of creating time in order to connect with oneself
  • Recognising rock bottom
  • 'Time' becoming their new currency 
  • The vicious circle of the hard working week followed by the getting smashed weekend 
  • The crucial difference between knowing what to do and doing it 
  • How a focus on his own health lead to Rik developing HAPS 
  • The link between nutrition and mental health
  • The health benefits associated with learning and purpose 
  • How to increase your serotonin levels naturally
  • How crucial a 'support team' is to creating personal change
  • What it means to be a 'digital nomad'
  • How a change in our environment makes personal change so much easier
  • Enjoying the journey versus getting to the destination
  • How cutting cuts can lead to innovation
  • The importance of telling people what you're going to do
  • The power of becoming vulnerable
  • Why we should avoid Instagram lives
  • The importance of tribes
  • No decisions to make v Many decisions to make / Unconscious v Conscious / Unknown v Known
  • The benefits of travelling on a limited budget
  • Setting up The Slow Farm in Arrabida Natural Park south of Lisbon, Portugal

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Rik Turner and Henrietta Jayden - What would you notice, if you slowed down?
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